Thursday, May 31, 2007

I dreamed of stars.
Well, it began with a river, wide and rushing icy blue.
The buildings huddled close
blocking my journey along the path to the water’s edge.
But then, they shook
and swayed with the rumblings of an earthquake.
We fled.
All of us fled into the city
where I saw suddenly and clearly a vast multitude of starry host.
In soul-exploding worship, I fell to my knees
unable to silence the proclamation echoing down from the less than silent stars:
You Are Worthy!
Those who walked beside me joined the refrain
and we worshipped.
Those in the street, whom I did not know, fell prostrate before Holiness
and we worshipped.
Every fleeing person ceased their striving,
the stars cried out their praise,
and we worshipped the One who is Worthy.

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